Saturday, 19 December 2009

Account / Transaction key for Services

I am maintaining a condition for services. IMG MM - External Services Management -> Maintain Condition for services . Here i have created condition type and maintained in conditions: Schemas for services. But i cannot create Account key / Transaction key here. Can anyone guide me where i can create account / transaction key for external service management.


Account / Transaction key can be maintained for normal PO conditions in IMG MM -> Purchasing -> Conditions -> Price Determination but those account keys are not appearing in External Service Management calculation schema for services.



You can Maintain a transaction event key in T687 table


Using OMGH the transaction key can be maintained but it doesnt appears in Service Management calculation schema.


Using SM30 V_T687 transaction key is maintained and it is accepted in Service Management caculation schem but now i have to assign GL accoutn to it.


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