Sunday, 20 December 2009

ERS Settings Required

In the vendor master, make sure the 3 ERS boxes are checked off in the
purchasing data section: GR-based inv verif, AutoEvalGRSetmt Del, &
AutoEvalGRSetmt Ret.

In the PO, make sure the following boxes are checked off: GR, IR,
GR-basedIV, & ERS. GR-basedIV has to be checked off in order for the ERS
program to create the invoice.

In the info record, check off GR-basedIV.

Yes, you need to set up message output but you don't need to print the
output. We set it up for company code and not by vendor and company code.
We set it up with a dispatch time of 3 so it won't print unless we do an
explicit request.

When we have a 102 movement, ERS creates a credit memo when the ERS program
is run.

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