Friday, 4 December 2009

Sending P.O. By Mail To Vendor

Is there any standard programm for sending P.O.'s by e-mail to vendor's email-id?

You need to do some configuration for this.

- Goto NACE .
- Select EF and click on OUTPUT TYPES.
- Then select Output Type NEU and click on processing routines .
- In that you have to add a new entry - medium 5 .
- Then you need to assign a program, form routine and form.
- You can use the standard program i.e. SAPFM06P, FORM routine is always ENTRY_NEU and standard MEDRUCK.
- Then in PARTNER FUNCTION you need to add a new entry : medium - 5 and function - VN .
- For subject of the mail goto Mail Title and Texts. In title give PO No. &EKKO-EBELN& .
- Under General data -> Replacement of text symbols give programm as SAPMM06E and Form Routine as
- Now the subject will be PO No. 1800004202.
- You need to maintain your email id in tcode SU01 and also the vendor's email id.
- Now while creating a new purchase order , change the medium to External Send .
- Then goto Communication Method and select CS01 . ALSO make sure that the Cover Page Text has value PO No. &EKKO-EBELN& .
- Goto tcode ME9F .
- Execute.
- Select the checkbox and click on Output Message.
- You will get a message MAII 00000000000001 generated .

If the BASIS guys have made the necessary configuration for sending mail then the mail will go .

You can see the status in tcode SOST.

If you want to use a z-programm and z-form then you need add the functions used in standard programm SAPFM06P for generating mail in your z-programm.

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