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Address Number and Address

Maintain Addresses >> tcode >> MEAN
Table for Addresses >> ADRC


Table TWLAD has the address number for the storage location.

In our PO SAPscript, it picks the Storage location address over division address.

when you create a PO make sure you maintain both the plant and the storage location and the delivery address of the storage locations should come instead of the plant delivery address.


Addresses in Purchasing Linked to Central SAP Address Management

As of Release 4.0A, all addresses needed in purchasing documents (e.g. vendor address and delivery address) are administered using the central address management functionality of the SAP System.

As a result, you can store more data than previously in all purchasing documents (e.g. several telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, or information on districts or parts of building complexes).

Storage location address

You now have the option of storing one or more addresses for the level of the storage location too. If you maintain addresses for storage locations, the latter are suggested by the system as the delivery address (i.e. they appear as default values) when a purchase order is created.

When searching for the default address, the system proceeds as follows:

If just one storage location address has been maintained, it is taken as the default address

If no storage location address has been maintained, the plant address is taken as the default address.

If several storage location addresses have been maintained, the first of them is taken as the default address.

A new user exit (EXIT_SAPLMMDA_001) is available for the purpose of differentiated selection, allowing you to specify yourself (if desired) which address you wish to use.

Delivery address in the purchase requisition

As of Release 4.0A, you can maintain a delivery address for each item of a purchase requisition. There are three alternative ways of doing this:

Manual maintenance

Selection of an address from the central address management facility
(in the Purchasing menu under "Master data -> Delivery addresses")

Entry of a vendor or customer number, on the basis of which the system derives the relevant address.
Vendor address in purchasing documents

One-time vendors are also included in the central address management facility.

Previously, vendor addresses were only displayed in purchasing documents. As of 4.0A they can also be changed.

Change system parameters in customizing

User exit EXIT_SAPLMMDA_001:

A communication structure is passed on to the user exit. You can extend the former.

For example, if you wish to determine that materials of the group "Construction materials" are to be delivered to a particular location, you must include the field "Material group" in the communication structure.

For more on this topic, please also refer to the release note
Changes in Address Management.

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