Friday, 29 January 2010

IDoc Monitoring = RSEIDOCM program

Active IDoc Monitoring as of Release 6.10


This program replaces the RSEIDOCM program for 6.10.

All IDocs created in the pre-defined time period, whose current status corresponds to the selected status and that satisfy the additional selection criteria, are evaluated.

The evaluation is usually scheduled as a batch job, but can also be started interactively. The time limits are are determined at runtime on the basis of the time parameters entered.

If the number of selected IDocs exceeds the 'critical IDoc number', an alarm message is sent to the recipient entered.

The ALARM message is a work item of the TS74508518 standard task.


The report says whether or not an alarm message has been sent.


The following entries are the minimum necessary for an evaluation:

Recipient type: US

Recipient of the notification: MYUSER

Start time before batch run 2 00:00:00 (exactly two days)

End time before batch run 1 01:00:00 (one day and one hour)

Critical IDoc number 1

Current status 51

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