Friday, 29 January 2010

WebSphere Adapters, Version 6.0 - Updating the IDoc status

You can configure the adapter to update the IDoc status for the purpose of monitoring your IDoc processing. If the adapter configuration property ALEUpdateStatus is set to true (indicating that an audit trail is required for all message types), then the adapter updates the IDoc status of ALE business objects that are retrieved from the SAP system. The update is accomplished by updating a status IDoc called ALEAUD that the adapter sends to the SAP system as an inbound IDoc event. After the event is sent to the message endpoint, the adapter updates the status of the IDoc in SAP to indicate a failure or success in processing.

The following table defines the IDoc status codes:

IDoc Status codes values

IDoc status code value



Dispatch processed without errors.


Error during dispatch.

An IDoc that is not successfully sent to the endpoint is considered a failure and the IDoc status is updated by the adapter to 11. Likewise, an IDoc that reaches the endpoint is considered as successfully processed and in this case the status of that IDoc is updated in SAP to 12.

These codes and their associated text are configurable properties of the adapter, as specified in the J2C Activation Specification properties. The following table lists the properties and their values.

Configuration properties for IDoc status codes

Adapter property







Dispatch OK


Error during dispatch

For batched IDocs (an IDoc packet), the adapter retrieves either all IDocs with the same Transaction ID (TID) or no IDocs at all. If all IDocs with the same TID are retrieved, then the status code is updated to 12 (all success). If no IDocs are retrieved, then the status code remains as 03.

Parent topic: Overview of the ALE interface for inbound processing


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