Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sending mails from Message Control


Mails can be sent to the following PD-ORG objects:

  • Position (partner type S)
  • Job (partner type C)
  • Work center (partner type A)
  • User (partner type US)
  • Organizational unit (partner type O)
  • Person(nel number) (partner type PE)

Mails can also be sent to addresses from address management (partner type MA). The dispatch type sequence used is determined from the default communication method set in the address management. Mails can be sent from there via Internet, fax, internal mail etc.

When you create condition records or manually create messages, you should make sure that a partner function is selected which corresponds to the specified partner type.

Possible entries can be displayed for the partner types listed above.

Partner functions should be defined in customizing of the calling application. If the application concerned has not yet done this, transaction VOPA can be used.

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